Introducing DriveKit

A quick overview of DriveKit to understand the main features and principles.
This documentation is for developers. Follow the simple guideline to install our telematics SDK and access powerful insight and actionable data.

What is DriveKit?

DriveKit is a flexible software suite for creating mobile applications to engage and coach drivers.
DriveKit is composed of SDK (iOS / Android) and web services (REST API) that are designed to collect, analyze, organize, store and display driving data.
DriveKit is a 100% mobile telematics technology based on smartphone sensors to analyze vehicle trips and evaluate the influence of driving style on safety and energy consumption.
In addition to data analysis, DriveKit allows you to easily and quickly integrate features into your application to help drivers improve and manage their vehicles on a daily basis: coaching, ludic functions, mileage monitoring, car maintenance. All these features can be tested in our demo application.

How does it work?

The DriveKit SDK transforms any iOS or Android application into a data collection solution to measure and improve driving behaviour.
The SDK provides automatic detection of vehicle trips and recording of GPS data locally during the trip.
At the end of a trip, the SDK automatically requests the data analysis services embedded on the DriveQuant platform.
The DriveQuant platform contains the signal processing algorithms and databases where raw data and driving indicators resulting from the analyzes are stored.
The results of a trip analysis are usually returned to the application within seconds after the end of the trip.
The SDK contains a local database that is automatically and continuously synchronized with the DriveQuant platform database.
Simplified representation of the DriveKit architecture

What are the advantages of DriveKit?

  • 100% mobile and high-performance telematics solution.
  • Easy and quick integration.
  • Optimized battery consumption.
  • Minimal use of data.
  • Automatic management of network intermittences.
  • Built-in database with automatic synchronization.
  • A wide range of analytics and services.
  • Modular and scalable solution.

The DriveKit Demo App

To better understand how the DriveKit SDK is working, we recommend you to test the DriveKit Demo app. It contains all the DriveKit SDK components and has been developed to guide mobile developers to understand how DriveQuant's telematics solution works. The DriveKit Demo App is available on GitHub for iOS and Android.
The DriveKit Demo App needs credential. Please, contact us to get your API key via: [email protected]

Contact us

You can contact DriveQuant via email at [email protected] to request a demonstration, to be supported during the integration phase or to get answers to any specific requests.
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