User interface

The Driver Achievement component includes graphical libraries to display driver’s achievements and rewards.

This component contains three different modules:

  • the first one displays driver's streaks,

  • the second one displays driver's badges,

  • the third one displays the ranking in the driver’s team.


A streak of hits represents a continuous sequence of trips during which the driver has achieved very good driving scores.

The success sequence is highlighted by a counter of the number of consecutive trips satisfying the conditions for success.

There is no limit to the number of trips in a series: as long as the driver performs well, the counter will increase.

On the other hand, as soon as the driver completes a trip with a score or performance below the level defining success, the trip counter is reset. This mechanism, based on the accumulation, aims for drivers engagement by encouraging them to beat their goals. Furthermore, the driver can constantly compare the current sequence counter with the number of trips of his best sequence.

The themes and conditions to increment the sequences of the trip are the following:

  • Phone distraction: the driver has not handled his phone.

  • Safety: the safety score of the trip is higher or equal to 9.8.

  • Speed limit: the speeding score of the trip is higher or equal to 9.8.

  • Accelerations: there wasn’t any harsh acceleration event during the trip.

  • Brakings: there wasn’t any hard braking event during the trip.

  • Adherence limits: there wasn’t any adherence threshold crossing during the trip.

  • Calls: the driver has not made forbidden call during the trip.


The Driver Achievement UI also includes screens showing badges.

Badges are rewards which are given to drivers when they achieve goals. They are organized by themes and show progression on particular axes.

Each theme is divided into 3 badges that define goals increasingly difficult to achieve.

The driver can see his progression in achieving the award through a gauge displayed around the icons.


The ranking screen shows the user their ranking in their team. This encourages them to drive better to become the best driver!

Ranking UI allows you to set the filters that will be displayed in this screen. Therefore, you can choose one or two filters from the following options:

  • A filter on score themes: you can rank drivers based on their safety, eco-driving or distraction scores.

  • A filter on ranking periods: the rankings can be over a period of a week, a month or since the creation of the app.

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