Type of users


An eligible user is a user who belongs to at least one group invited to participate to the challenge.


A registered user is a user who has accepted the invitation and registered to the challenge. Registration is not automatic and a user is not obliged to participate. This is why he must register.


A user is ranked if he has fulfilled the minimum conditions for access to the general ranking. These conditions are based on a minimum number of trips recorded and a minimum distance covered during the challenge. If the user does not meet these conditions, they will not be ranked or rewarded.

Pre & post challenge periods

In order to measure the effect of a challenge on a driverโ€™s behavior, we compare the average score during the challenge with the one computed during a period of 14 days preceding the date of the start of the challenge minus 10 days.

Similarly, to know if a driver maintains his efforts after a challenge, it is also interesting to compare his average score during the challenge with the one measured in the period following the challenge.

The average score after the challenge is calculated over a period of 14 days following the end date of the challenge plus 10 days.

To measure progress, we only consider drivers who have completed at least 10 trips in the pre challenge period. In short, if there are not enough trips recorded, the average does not allow an accurate evaluation of the user's driving behaviour.

The figure below shows the time periods during which average scores are calculated before, during and after a challenge.

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