Add a beacon
A beacon is a small, electronic device based on Bluetooth Low Energy® which broadcasts advertising packets. These signals can be received by any smartphone.
The beacon can be placed in a vehicle to simplify its identification.
If the driver has an application including the DriveKit SDK, the trip recording will start automatically when entering in the beacon signal emission range.
The trip will be assigned to the vehicle as well as the analytics computed by the DriveQuant services.
In order to identify a vehicle, it is necessary to perform a software pairing between the beacon and the vehicle via the API described below.
If you have your admin API key, you can try the API via this link.
Beacon declaration

Example of JSON body request

"major": 1010,
"minor": 234,
"proximityUuid": "735bbc80-b5c4-11e3-9a9f-0cf36e3bc034",
"uniqueId": "aQeF"