My Synthesis

My synthesis screen contains two very interesting insights for the driver:

  • His level against a reference scale that tells him whether he needs to make efforts and progress ;

  • His level in regard to the performance of other drivers belonging to the same organisation as him. The comparison is an interesting lever to motivate the driver to improve his driving.

For each selectable period, the driver will be able to view his average score computed by services that run on the DriveQuant platform.

The user can easily navigate to consult:

  • The evolution of his driving scores by theme compared to the previous active period ;

  • His driving score compared to the community thanks to the minimal, median and max community scores ;

  • How many trips and total distance he made during the selected period.

​​To display the “My Synthesis” screen into your app, call the following method:


Configure scores themes to display

You can select which scores you want to display on the screen as well as the scores ordering, by calling the following method:

var scores: List<DKScoreType> = DKScoreType.values().toList()

Default and accepted values are:


For DISTRACTION and SPEEDING scores, make sure that the services are activated on your DriveQuant account or the SDK will filter them out and they will not be displayed in the UI even if you add them here.

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