A driving challenge is a game-based, one-time event that allows a community of drivers to compete for the best driving score. There are various themes, each with a specific score: eco-driving, safety, distraction and speed limit.

Why should you integrate driving challenges in your mobile application?

  • To address serious topics such as road safety and environmental footprint in a fun way.

  • To motivate drivers to improve together.

  • To build driver loyalty if you use this feature to give rewards.

The DriveKit Challenge component includes internal modules and user interface modules that simplify integration into your application.

The challenges are programmable and can be managed from the web administration interface. Contact your DriveQuant representative, if you want to know more about the benefits of a challenge, learn how to compose your challenge from the web interface or discover some use cases.

We recommend you to test this component in the DriveKit Demo App before you integrate it in your application.

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