User Interface

The Trip Analysis UI module is an open source graphical library created to incorporate a user interface for trip analysis management into your mobile application.
It contains 2 main features :
  • Working hours ;
  • Feedback crash detection.

Working Hours

The working hours feature sorts the trips according to whether they are made during working hours.
If the driver activates the feature, he can determine for each day of the week the time slots on which he wants the trips to automatically be considered as:
  • professional,
  • personal,
  • or not recorded at all.
Working hours screen

Feedback crash detection

The TripAnalysis internal module contains a crash detection feature. Once activated, using the phone's sensors, the SDK is able to identify if a crash has occurred, and so help the emergency services to intervene.
To enhance this feature, the TripAnalysis UI module contains a graphical interface that can be activated. It informs the driver that a crash has been detected so he can confirm it and ask for assistance if needed.
Feedback crash graphical interface