Trip recording widget


The widget is a button that let the user control the trip recording. Possible actions are:

  • Start a trip recording

  • Check that the current trip is being recorded

  • Stop a trip recording

  • Cancel a trip recording.

How to display the trip recording widget?

To integrate the trip recording widget into your application, simply add the code below:

let startStopTripButton = DriveKitTripAnalysisUI.shared.getTripRecordingButton(presentedIn: viewController)

The given viewController is used to present the stop trip confirmation dialog when the user taps the button in trip in progress state.

The given viewController is stored weakly by the button so you don’t need to worry about any retain cycle. Just pass the viewController that displays the button and you should be fine.

It can also be used when you call the DKTripRecordingButton public method showConfirmationDialog() on your button instance. This is useful if you need to programmatically display the dialog (for example, when the user taps a start trip notification).

Warning: This dialog won’t appear if the DKTripRecordingUserMode doesn’t allow the user to end a trip.

Trip recording widget configurations

The button has 4 configurations to cover all possible scenarios, and its display can be adjusted using the tripRecordingUserMode parameter.

  1. .none: The button is hidden and the trip recording is fully automatic. This is the simplest mode, and the one we prefer.

  2. .startStop: The button is displayed and the user has total control over the trip recording cycle: start, stop and cancel. In this configuration, autostart remains active.

  3. .startOnly: The user can start a trip manually but cannot stop or cancel it under any circumstances. Recording stops automatically. In this configuration, autostart remains active.

  4. .stopOnly: The user cannot start a trip manually. The start of a trip is detected automatically. The user can only stop the trip to get his results or cancel the recording if he is not the driver, for example.

The default value is .startStop.

To set the button mode, call the following method before displaying the button:

DriveKitTripAnalysisUI.shared.tripRecordingUserMode = .startStop

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