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Before starting DriveKit Group module integration, make sure that you have initialized DriveKit, especially if you have disable the SDK auto-initialization.

If you use DriveKit Group without having initialized DriveKit, the SDK may not work properly in your application.


Get framework

The DriveKitGroup module is available on Cocoapods master repo. To access framework in the repository, add the following lines to your Podfile:

target 'my-target' do
  pod 'DriveKitGroup'

Then, run pod install.

When you need to use the module, just import it in your Swift files:

import DriveKitGroupModule

Synchronise Groups

To obtain the list of groups that belong to your organisation, call the following method:

DriveKitGroup.shared.getGroups(synchronizationType: .defaultSync, completionHandler: { (status, groups) in
       // Callback

DKGroupsSyncStatus can have 4 values:

  1. .success: synchronization has been successfully performed.

  2. .cacheDataOnly: synchronizationType has been set to cache.

  3. .failedToSyncGroupsCacheOnly: synchronization has failed, only groups previously synchronized are returned.

  4. .syncAlreadyInProgress: synchronization is already in progress.

DKGroupType can have 3 values:

  1. .all: Get all groups related to user team.

  2. .joined: Get already joined groups.

  3. .notJoined: Get not joined groups related to user team.

Join Group

To assign the driver to a group, call the following method:

DriveKitGroup.shared.joinGroup(groupId: "groupId",
                               completionHandler: { status in
    // Callback

DKJoinGroupStatus can have 4 values:

  1. .success: group joined successfully.

  2. .alreadyJoined: group already joined.

  3. .groupNotFound: wrong groupId.

  4. .failedToJoin: failed to join the group.

Leave Group

To remove the driver from a group to which it has been assigned, call the following method:

DriveKitGroup.shared.leaveGroup(groupId: "groupId", completionHandler: { status in
     // Callback

DKLeaveGroupStatus can have 4 values:

  1. .success: left group successfully.

  2. .notInGroup: user is not in the group.

  3. .groupNotFound: wrong groupId.

  4. .failedToLeave: failed to leave the group.

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