Trip Simulator
To verify the DriveKit Trip Analysis SDK integration into your app, it is recommended to perform tests in real conditions.
Before carrying out driving tests, it may be useful to validate the implementation of the SDK in your application.
However, it is not possible to emulate GPS data from development tools such as Android Studio. It is possible to simulate a trip using the simulator in Xcode, but the trip options are very limited.
For this purpose, DriveQuant provides a trip simulation component based on recorded GPS data.
The Trip Simulator component allows to validate the following features:
  • the automatic start;
  • the trip recording life cycle;
  • graphical display after the end of the trip;
  • the application's behaviour in the case of alternative trips;
  • crash detection during a trip, with user’s feedback.
This section gives step-by-step instructions for integrating the DriveKit SDK test component into your application.
It is strongly recommended not to integrate this component into an application built for production. This component has been designed to facilitate preliminary testing and should never remain in your production app.
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