Group management is an advanced feature for splitting drivers from your organisation across several groups.

Why split drivers into different groups?

If you are deploying your solution to several of your customers, it may be useful to separate the users for each of your customers.

What are the impacts on other DriveKit components?

Some features of the DriveKit SDK include the concept of groups and can manage the data display according to the group(s) to which a driver belongs.

  • The Ranking feature of the Driver Achievements module of DriveKit can display a driver's rankings relative to his group rather than relative to all the drivers in an organisation.

  • It is possible to organise challenges dedicated to certain groups and in this case, if you use the Challenge module of DriveKit, it will only show to the driver the challenges dedicated to his group(s).

What can be done with the group management feature?

To control the groups, there are three main functions. It is possible to:

  1. Retrieve the list of groups that belongs to your organisation

  2. Assign the driver to a group

  3. Remove a driver from a group

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