Bluetooth usage


Bluetooth wireless technology is a common solution in modern vehicles. Most drivers know that by pairing their Bluetooth smartphone with their car stereo receiver, they will be able to make hands-free calls or to stream their music to the car audio system.

Once the smartphone's paired with the vehicle, it automatically connects to it if the vehicle is started.

Trip Analysis SDK is capable of detecting this event to start a trip analysis.

A Bluetooth device is identified by a unique MAC address and an optional name. It can be detected by the SDK and used to trigger the trip analysis.

The use of the vehicle Bluetooth detection is a simple and cost-effective solution to identify the trips made with your vehicle.

Configure a Bluetooth device

You can retrieve all Bluetooth devices paired to the smartphone by calling the following method:

let devices = DriveKitTripAnalysis.shared.getAvailableBluetoothDevices()

Bluetooth device will be seen only if the iPhone is connected to the vehicle bluetooth when this functions is called.

You can add Bluetooth devices to Trip Analysis SDK by calling the following method:

DriveKitTripAnalysis.shared.setBluetoothDevices(bluetoothDevices: [BluetoothData])

A detailed description of BluetoothData class is available here.

If you want to remove Bluetooth devices from SDK configuration, just call the method with an empty array.

Bluetooth device required

Pairing the vehicle's Bluetooth system improves the trip detection and analysis. With this feature you can decide to enable or disable the trip recording when the Bluetooth device is not connected. There are two possibilities:

  1. the trip can be recorded even if the smartphone is not connected to the Bluetooth device.

  2. the trip recording will be cancelled if the smartphone is not connected to the Bluetooth device.

This choice depends on your use case. In general, if you only want to record trips made with the vehicle equipped with the paired Bluetooth system, you must prefer the second choice.

To avoid trip recording when the Bluetooth device is not connected, call the following method:


To enable trip recording regardless of the state of the Bluetooth system (connected or not connected to the smartphone), call the following method:


If you have configured the beacon and the bluetooth device as required, trips will be recorded if at least a beacon or a bluetooth device is detected during the trip.

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