User interface

The challenge component includes graphical libraries to display challenges in your application. This section explains the challenge workflow and the main steps.

There are 4 main stages in the life cycle of a challenge and the screen automatically adapts to the progression status.

1 - List of challenges

The first screen displays the list of current and upcoming challenges as well as the list of completed challenges.

The user can navigate through these two lists.

  • Active - when the challenge is about to start or in progress. The user can register for a challenge or view the progress of the challenge.

  • Complete - when the challenge is finished. The user will be able to view the results but only if he/she has participated in the challenge.

The challenges are programmable and can be managed from the web administration interface. Contact your DriveQuant representative, if you want to know more about the benefits of a challenge, learn how to compose your challenge from the web interface or discover some use cases.

2 - User registration

User registration for a challenge is not automated. If the user wants to participate, he/she has to register. This is what the second screen allows you to do.

Once the user has accepted to participate, a waiting screen is displayed and a countdown shows the time remaining before the challenge starts.

3 - Conditions to be ranked

Even if the driver is registered, he must make a minimum number of trips and a minimum distance to reach the challenge ranking.

The conditions are adjustable when the challenge is programmed on the administration web interface.

In order to achieve a fair ranking, it is preferable to set minimum conditions to capture the behavior of the driver based on a sufficient amount of data.

The driver can follow the completion of the minimum conditions through this screen.

4 - Challenge details

Once the user has achieved the minimum conditions, he/she can access several screens that present information about the challenge.

  • Some statistics: average driving score, distance, duration and number of trips performed during the challenge.

  • The leaderboard that displays his average score and those of the other participants

  • The list of trips accounted for the challenge.

  • A reminder of the challenge rules.

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