Trip recording widget


The widget is a button that lets the user control the trip recording. Possible actions are:

  • Start a trip recording

  • Check that the current trip is being recorded

  • Stop a trip recording

  • Cancel a trip recording.

How to display the trip recording widget?

There are two ways to integrate the trip recording widget into your application:

The first one is embedding it in XML layout:

    android:layout_height="60dp" />

The second way is getting it from DriveKitTripAnalysisUI:

fun newTripRecordingButtonFragment(): DKTripRecordingButton

If you need to programmatically display the stop trip confirmation dialog (for example, when the user taps a start trip notification), you can call the public method showConfirmationDialog() of the DKTripRecordingButton instance.

Warning: This dialog won’t appear if the DKTripRecordingUserMode doesn’t allow the user to end a trip.

Trip recording widget configurations

The button has 4 configurations to cover all possible scenarios, and its display can be adjusted using the tripRecordingUserMode parameter.

  1. NONE: The button is hidden and the trip recording is fully automatic. This is the simplest mode, and the one we prefer.

  2. START_STOP: The button is displayed and the user has total control over the trip recording cycle: start, stop and cancel. In this configuration, autostart remains active.

  3. START_ONLY: The user can start a trip manually but cannot stop or cancel it under any circumstances. Recording stops automatically. In this configuration, autostart remains active.

  4. STOP_ONLY: The user cannot start a trip manually. The start of a trip is detected automatically. The user can only stop the trip to get his results or cancel the recording

The default value is START_STOP.

To set the button mode, call the following method:

var tripRecordingUserMode: DKTripRecordingUserMode

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