User Interface
The VEHICLE UI module is an open source graphical library created to incorporate a user interface for vehicle management into your mobile application.
The interface supports the following operations:
    Vehicle management: add, replace, delete.
    Auto-start mode configuration associated with the vehicle.
    Displaying the list of vehicles.
    Displaying vehicle characteristics.
    Pairing iBeacon or Bluetooth device with the vehicle.
Screens displaying vehicle list, the auto-start mode configuration and the vehicle details
Each screen includes settings to choose the configuration that is most suitable for your use case. The configuration parameters are described in the following sections.
The Vehicle UI module includes main and advanced parameters that you can configure according to the specific requirements of your mobile application.
List of the main parameters that can be configured:
    Available vehicle types: car or truck.
    Vehicle configuration mode: simplified, complete or both.
    Autostart modes that can be attached to a vehicle: GPS, iBeacon and Bluetooth.
List of the advanced parameters that can be configured:
    Maximum number of vehicles configurable for a single driver
    Authorization to add a vehicle
    Authorization to replace a vehicle
    Authorization to delete a vehicle
    Authorization to rename a vehicle
    Available vehicle categories
    Available brands
    Available engines
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