The DriveKit Vehicle module allows you to select one or more vehicles and to choose the automatic start mode of each vehicle.

The selection of the vehicle is an important step since the driving indicators computed by the application are based on the vehicle characteristics (mass, dimension and powertrain).

There are two types of vehicles that can be added: cars or trucks.

Each declared vehicle is linked to the driver's account.

A start mode can be defined for each vehicle.

Depending on your use case, you can select the type of automatic start mode:

  • The natural (GPS) mode which relies on the phone sensors.

  • The Beacon mode which uses a small iBeacon tag.

  • The Bluetooth mode, which uses a Bluetooth device previously paired to the driver's phone.

DriveKit includes a simple and configurable interface to set up screens in your application from which the driver can configure his vehicle and choose the appropriate start mode.

The advantage of DriveKit is that this information is stored in a local database and synchronised with a remote database.

We recommend you to test this component in the DriveKit Demo App before you integrate it in your application.

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