User interface

Driver Data component includes an open source graphics library which provides a set of screens to display trip data recorded by the Trip Analysis component and analyzed by DriveQuant services.
The Driver Data component displays the list of trips made by the driver as well as the details of each trip displayed on a map with all driving indicators and driver scores.
Trip list and trip detail screens provided into the Driver Data SDK graphics library
Driver Data component gives a direct access to the formatted data on simple and readable screens. This way, you do not need to create specific screens in your application for illustrating driver’s trip analytics.
All the screens that display the trip results are fully customizable. You can configure the information you want to highlight and integrate styling elements from your application such as colors and fonts. The configuration options are detailed later in this section.
Trip details screens
The use of this graphic library is not mandatory and you can develop your own screens if their actual style doesn't fit with your mobile application. In this case, the graphics library can be used as an example to design your own visualizations.
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