Get started


Before starting DriveKit Vehicle integration, make sure that you have initialized DriveKit, especially if you have disable the SDK auto-initialization.

If you use DriveKit Vehicle without having initialized DriveKit, the SDK may not work properly in your application.


Get framework

DriveKit Vehicle SDK is available on CocoaPods master repo.

To access the framework in the repository, add the following lines to your Podfile:

target 'my-target' do
  pod 'DriveKitVehicle'

Then, run pod install.

TripAnalysis configuration overload

The configuration of the Vehicle SDK and its vehicles can overload the auto start configuration of the TripAnalysis SDK. To do this, you should call this method after the SDK Vehicle initialization:

DriveKitTripAnalysis.shared.setVehiclesConfigTakeover(vehiclesConfigTakeOver: true)

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