To add the Trip Simulator module to your app, add this dependency in the Podfile:

pod 'DriveKitTripSimulator'

This component has been designed to facilitate preliminary testing and should never remain in your production app.


DriveQuant offers the possibility of running simulations from a list of preset trips. After integrating and activating the trip simulation component, you can select a preset trip from those described in the table below. Once the simulation is launched, the Trip Analysis SDK will receive the configured callbacks automatically.

Simulate a trip

To simulate a trip, you just need to send the selected trip to the start method:

import DriveKitTripSimulatorModule


Stop the simulation

To stop the simulation of a trip, you need to call the stop method:

import DriveKitTripSimulatorModule


Simulate a crash during a trip

The simulation of a trip with a collision only works on a real device, not with the simulator.

In order to mock a crash to check your integration, you must call the startCrashTrip function with a PresetCrashConfiguration item as parameter. Possible values for PresetCrashConfiguration enumeration are described in the table below:


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