The Driver Data component manages the download and display in your mobile application of all trips made by the user.

The Driver Data component continuously performs synchronization between the remote DriveQuant database and the local database of the mobile SDK.

The Driver Data component has been designed to simplify the integration of DriveQuant services into your application and to drastically reduce your development time.

It has several benefits:

  • The SDK contains its own database. You do not need to create a local database (or modify the existing one) to persist the user driving data.

  • Network calls are fully automated. You do not need to implement API requests for driver data recuperation.

  • The SDK includes a graphics library that displays the user's trip data. You do not need to develop new screens in your application. The trip analysis display screens are configurable and can be easily adapted to the style of your mobile application.

The Driver Data component uses standard and powerful libraries recommended by Apple and Google for persistence management. On Android, the Room library is implemented. On iOS, the Core Data persistence framework provided by Apple is used.

We recommend you to test this component in the DriveKit Demo App before you integrate it in your application.

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