Add or update a metadata

This service allows you to add or update custom metadata to a user, such as driving indicators that have been calculated in your backend.

You can add as many metadata as you need in a key-value format.

Metadata can be synchronized in the mobile application and displayed to the user.

If you have your admin API key, you can try the API via this link.

Use case: custom scores

Custom scores can be calculated over a specific period of time (policy year, calendar year, 12 months rolling period...) using the individual scores of the trips made during this period, or using timelines.

If a customer has calculated one (or more) custom score(s) for a driver, this service can be used to attach this metadata to the driver. These scores can then be displayed to the user in the mobile app, and can be linked to a reward or a discount on an insurance premium.

Scores can be added one at a time or, more effectively, all at once:

JSON body (request)
   "metaData" : {
     "annualSafetyScore" : "8.9"

Scores can also be updated using the same service, providing a new value for the same key. This can be used for the driver to have a regular update on his/her progress.


  1. First, set the driver's score to 9.8: {"metaData":{"monthlyCustomScore": "9.8"}}

  2. Then, set it to 8.7: {"metaData":{"monthlyCustomScore": "8.7"}}

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